The Script – Hall of Fame feat.

by this time probably everyone has heard this song but i think the lyrics are the greatest so i just had to share it with you. 
i have now 4 days of work behind me and 5 left before school starts. feels like i never went to greece, or atleast it feels like months ago. or it feels like yesterday. well, anyway.. i love my job but i really wanna go back to school now ! you guys may think i'm crazy but i miss school. to not have to have so much responsibility most of all. to just be. and my classmates ofcourse. 6 months ago all of us went to practical training so maybe it's not so crazy that i miss school after 6 months of work. whatever, i want next thursday to be here already. 
after work today i went with gigga to kokkola and as usually i had a lot of fun and a lot to eat ehm.. now i'm tired but i'm still gonna watch one episode of supernatural before i go to sleep and tomorrow another day of work is waiting for me. 10 hour shift. just great. but i would do anything for anette and her family. 
see you guys. 
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