9. Name your favourite song and motivate why it is so important to you.
I have now picked two of my favourite songs (couldn't pick just one) that brings out memories and a lot of different feelings! And no, i'm not gonna say Augustana - Boston this time, even though i love that one very much too.
Lars Winnerbäck och Miss Li - Om du lämnade mig nu
This reminds me of Made and the trips that we have made together; Åland and Malax mostly. Lars Winnerbäck always makes me think of Made but this one is special, it makes me think of random late summer nights when we sit outside talking about everything and nothing. miss you darling :')
Kato feat. Jon - Turn The Lights Off
Even though it is an up-tempo song it can make me cry in like 2 seconds, it reminds me of so many things about Benny, both before and after we became a couple. And specially now when i'm far away from him, it's hard for me to listen to it, it makes me think of rainy sundays in Bosund. 9 more days.
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