THIS IS IT. The last movie on my must see list. and since it's christmas i had to save this for last.

Home Alone
There are 4 of these movies but i can't recommend the last one. It is not as good as the first 3 ones. The first movie, starring Macaulay Culkin, is about a boy who is accidentally left home alone when the family is leaving to celebrate christmas somewhere else. The boy has to defend his house and the neighborhood agains burglars. In the second movie the same boy, still M. Culkin, is accidentally boardning the wrong plane and is ''trapped'' in NYC with his dad's credit card. And tadaa, there are the same burglars. The third movie is about another kid, but still the plot is the same. He has to defend his house from burglars (not the same ones as in the previous movies)

Ofc the first two are the best because they are the original movies with the awesome M. Culkin but i like the third too which is quite similar to the first movie. These are movies you just have to see every christmas (they're always shown on TV around that time) i saw the two first ones, but i guess the third one is not so christmasy. or i don't remember. They are funny and exciting, even though you've seen them 20 times.

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