7. How did you and Benny meet?
Well it all started with that i got to know his best friends Filip, Pontus and Kent and i think i was hanging out with them a couple of months before Benny joined the group. It was in december 2009. We were at Frej's place watching some movie or having a chill evening with the group and Benny came there. it didn't take many minutes until he was one of us crazy people. 3 years later i know why ;) the day in itself wasn't any different compared to every other evening we had but i remember it so well. that was the day i met the best person in my life :) even though i didn't know it then, i know it now.
so i'm sorry i didn't have any exciting love at first sight story for you gigga but i know that you already knew that ;) after this day it took a little over a year until we got together. during that year we spend a lot of time together, made a lot of memories and got to know each other as best friends. and here we are today, laughing and remembering the summer 2010 and the first ruka trip etc.
i wouldn't have had it any other way :)

i miss being silly with you, 3 weeks and 3 days to go :)

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