2 Chainz – We Own It (Fast & Furious)
hey peeps, i'm home ! have been since friday as you might know but still. i have spend everyday with great people around me. my boyfriend, my closest friends and my family. we have been watching supernatural, playing with my crazy adhd dog and having a barbeque. perfect weekend.

and today i went with benny, kent, made and gigga to see the new fast and furious movie. so good ! but they all are so i wasn't surprised ! super nice that they made connections to the earlier movies all the time.
otherwise i don't have anything to tell you. i seriously need to clean my room and unpack and 100 other boring things before i start working on sunday. this place is a mess. but right now i'm gonna put on a couple of friends episodes and then go to sleep.
it's good to be home :)
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