I have had the greatest weekend in a very long time this weekend and all thanks to my boyfriend and my closest friends.

On friday after i got home from work i got ready for the barbeque at my place with made and gigga. When the guys came we made food, played kubb and ate a lot of food. The evening was so much fun. Me and benny cleaned up the house and went to sleep.

Saturday morning we went with the same group of people to särkänniemi. I have never properly been there and it was great! Felt like a kid again, but with a little bit more courage than i had as a kid..

Today, sunday, me and benny woke up late and just chilled until he went ro play football. Since that i've been watching friends and eating barbeque leftovers nomnom.

Tomorrow i'm going to work again. Feels good because i absolutely got the best days off. Thanks to my top 7 favourite people !

awesome phone pics, i know.

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