Me: what size should i take on the shorts?
Made: 48? big mama

haha love you <3

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i don't have any energy to find a song for you today but i guess you'll live. this weekend has been so great :) and there is still much left. on friday i went to vasa to catch up with the girls. so marite, iina and anneli came to my place and i had so much fun as always with you girls ! after a couple of hours we desided to go to the city and dance so me, marite and anneli went to fontana for the rest of the evening. met heidi who was on our class the first year and a couple of other friends so that was a really nice evening ! 

on saturday nothing really happened before the evening when i went to the cinema to watch The Avengers. after the movie i went to bennys, ate some cake (thank you deela btw ^^) and just chilled. woke up this ''morning'' at something 1 o'clock, ate food and then chilled some more :') and now i'm at home waiting for the guys to come here for some coffee. let's see if i know how to make it eheheh.. 

okey but that's all for today. have a nice evening people :) bye ! 


the first picture i posted on my blog hehe :) check out my awesome shirt that says ''LIZA'' ! haha actually it's BRAZIL but in the mirror it makes LIZA ;) 

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Norlie & KKV – Freakopat

sitting in vasa waiting for the girls to come. i have 5 free days from work now and the first day was super! okey, well i was woken up by madde at 11 o'clock when she called and said that i should be ready in half an our so that was not so super ;) but then me, madde and gigga went for lunch to fredrikas. and of course a quick visit fleemarket. so the day has been really great :) 

and it will continue at least as good ! marite and anneli are on their way and i hope we'll meet up with iina also. hope you all will have a great friday evening with people you love :) or alone, if that makes you happy ^^

i'm out ! 

Hahha Antonia and Anneli on Triangeli. memories memories :')

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