I have had the greatest weekend in a very long time this weekend and all thanks to my boyfriend and my closest friends.

On friday after i got home from work i got ready for the barbeque at my place with made and gigga. When the guys came we made food, played kubb and ate a lot of food. The evening was so much fun. Me and benny cleaned up the house and went to sleep.

Saturday morning we went with the same group of people to särkänniemi. I have never properly been there and it was great! Felt like a kid again, but with a little bit more courage than i had as a kid..

Today, sunday, me and benny woke up late and just chilled until he went ro play football. Since that i've been watching friends and eating barbeque leftovers nomnom.

Tomorrow i'm going to work again. Feels good because i absolutely got the best days off. Thanks to my top 7 favourite people !

awesome phone pics, i know.

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NONONO – Pumpin Blood
Love the song and i'm always walking around at work whistling to this so i figured it's only right to share it with you today.
my internet haven't been working on my computer for a week or something so that's why i have been blogging through my phone. but now benny got it to work so i can write a proper post tonight. and i even have a couple of pictures to show you so; perfect timing !
but as i see now the posts look exactely the same wherever i am bloggin from so for you it doesn't really matter what i'm using. but anyways.. here comes the photos.
summer princess, or i don't know, just gigga

cutie being cute

my love, and yeah, benny too :')

oh i've missed you; rainy summer evenings. nothing like Thai rain but love it still !
now i'm gonna watch some client list and then go to sleep. goodnight people !
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Hey peeps

Lying here in my bed watching friends again and just wanted to swing by to say that heey i am soon as cool as the other kids; i have made an instagram account! Cool, huh? So for you stalkers, my name is liizalainen and i'll try to post pictures about fun stuff, can't promise it though..

That's all folks, good night !

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