i've been playing this all day and it's so great. i've seen all the supernatural episodes that i have now so that's why i need to put my free time somewhere else -> ski safari
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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Same Love - feat. Mary Lambert

lying here in my bed with chips, chocolate and my dear dammsugare and i'm just about to watch the last six episodes of supernatural. i'm right where i want to be right now.

the last couple of days i've been to Tampere with Benny, Made and Filip. yesterday, after we had checked in to our hotel we went to the city center. two hours later pretty much all the money was gone.. so we went to eat and then back to the hotel. spend the rest of the evening in our rooms. next morning we ate hotel breakfast (the only reason me and Made wanted to stay the night ;D), checked out and went to IKEA to spend the last euros we had.

here are some pictures from the last week or so.

i seriously don't remember last time i was shopping and didn't buy at least one book. this time i came home with three. the newest Nicholas Sparks book (now i have them all!), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Case-book of Sherlock Holmes and Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. happiness :')
bought some small stuff from IKEA also, e.g. this computer table thingy (just a table..) and the photo board in the background. it is not in its right place yet but i had to put it somewhere.
not gonna show you all my boring clothes that i bought, but here is my lovely DC comics t-shirt with the batman logo on. happiness once again.
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Pitbull featuring TJR – Don't Stop The Party

finally the christmas calendar is done. i had fun doing it but at the end it was hard to get time to even put 5 minutes into it. or well, there was time but no energy.

my christmas eve was great, i spend it with my family, benny and his family. ate good food, played games, got a lot of great presents, played with lego with the kids, ate some more and so on and so on. so much love.

today i have done what i do every christmas day; NOTHING. just the way i like it. Ate all the leftovers from yesterday, and tons of chocolate and just watch movies and stuff. but tonight i will do something i've never done on christmas day before; party. or well, go out and see if there are any familiar faces. i usually sit in with my family, playing games and stuff in the evening but i can make an exeption this year. hopefully it's worth it.

Trying my new web camera that i got from benny, now i notice that the focus is on my shoulder but aah, it'll do for now. madde, madde i'm ready  !

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