can't i put videos in a post anymore?? stupid blogg.se what the freaking freak! well, here's a link anyway. 

I went to see the movie En gång i Phuket with madde yesterday and it was really funny ! this was the only clip i found on youtube but it's a super good one ! hahah :') 

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Hampenberg – Glorious (feat. Jesper Nohrstedt) 

Finally home from work ! oh my what a super boring day.. it has been raining the whole day so we have had like 5 customers. me and bella had absolutely nothing to do.. but hey the day is over and i have another day off tomorrow so lated today i'm going to vasa with madde and gigga and we're spending the night there. we'll see what we'll do. it will be super nice though ! 

but now i'm gonna watch 10000 episodes of OTH while i wait for the girls to be ready to go. hope you all have a nice rainy day :) talk to you later. 

3½ weeks to go.. 
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 Laleh – Some Die Young

Absolutely hate this song haha. i was driving home one night and this song came on the radio. i started to cry. it's so sad. Still it's really beautiful. And not far as sad as 'Forever young'. hate that song the most. don't know why but for me it's the saddest song ever written and i just feel bad whenever i hear it! 

The midsummer weekend is over and i have had a really great weekend with my family, boyfriend and friends. I have no plans for today but it's my day off and it's sunday so i'm sure it will be a great day. i might watch some one tree hill. i might read my scary book. i might spend some time with benny. i might take my guitar and play for a while. but first i'll show you a few pictures from my midsummer weekend. 

Friday evening i spend at home with my family and with benny. ate good food and enjoyed the good company. 

On saturday me, benny, madde and filip spend the evening at Benny's and again we ate good food and had a great night. missed the other guys though! 

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