2 Chainz – We Own It (Fast & Furious)
hey peeps, i'm home ! have been since friday as you might know but still. i have spend everyday with great people around me. my boyfriend, my closest friends and my family. we have been watching supernatural, playing with my crazy adhd dog and having a barbeque. perfect weekend.

and today i went with benny, kent, made and gigga to see the new fast and furious movie. so good ! but they all are so i wasn't surprised ! super nice that they made connections to the earlier movies all the time.
otherwise i don't have anything to tell you. i seriously need to clean my room and unpack and 100 other boring things before i start working on sunday. this place is a mess. but right now i'm gonna put on a couple of friends episodes and then go to sleep.
it's good to be home :)
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I'm gonna break the only rule that i had when answering these questions. the rule was to never answer two questions on the same day. but since i didn't have time last week i'm gonna take the two last ones now.
10. What is your favourite place in Finland and why?
I have to say that Jakobstad as a whole is my favourite place. Maybe it is because i've been away for 3 months but i really love this town. We have Fäboda, we have Jakobsdagar and we have tro, hopp och kärlek. Enough said.

11. What did you miss the most when you were in Thailand?
The thing, or the one, i missed absolutely the most was of course benny. These three months have been the hardest months in my life. Luckily i've had a lot of things to do that i could focus on instead. I am glad that i didn't know how hard this was gonna be before i left. But even though i missed him a lot i knew that i had someone to come home to and talk to even though he was thousand miles away. Now when i'm home and have seen him i know that nothing has changed and this hard period is over. love you more than ever now :)) <3
of course i missed my friends and family also very much, this was the longest time i've ever been away from home. i've missed my cats and my dog that i hadn't even met before i came home on friday. i've missed rye bread, salad, potatoes, makuuni candy and barbeque food.
but now i'm home and i'm here to stay.

using an old pic, taken when my knee had a little scratch (a)
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since i decided to take an allnighter the last night in thailand i have 1½ hour to spare right now so here are some pictures from our trip to Vietnam. enjoy.
Nice clothes on and ready for sky bar.

cool view at the sky bar.

The hostess and I

Roger, Steve and Bill :')

bikes, bikes everywhere.

and next some photos with strangers..

our terass at the hotel where we e.g. watched some cool lightning storm in the evening.

Went to watch the Jesus statue. really cool !

Titanic moment over here.

Thank you linh for having us and for showing us your country, city and home.
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