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i really don't know when to blog anymore. before work i just don't have anything to say and on my days off i'm just doing a lot of stuff so i don't have the time. but hey this is my last week at the hotel and on monday i'll change work place. at this point i feel really sad because my co-workers at the hotel are the craziest people and i never thought i would say this but i'm gonna miss them very much. 

haha i met the greatest swedish people yesterday! they were laughing so hard everytime i said something because i ''sounded like Moomin''. But they agreed that we don't sound like Mark Levengood! finally..

tomorrow benny is home again for a couple of days after 2 weeks in dragsvik. and this is the weekend everyone has been waiting for! graduation weekend ! it's gonna be the most awesome time. haha like madde said ''Liza, now you get to graduate for the second time'' haha i really feel like that :'D since it's such a long time (2 years well, well) since i graduated that i don't remember it anymore i get to ''graduate all over again'' with all my friends. but no, ofcourse this day is all about my friends ! i know that :') i'll just be there as moral support, taking pictures and maybe even driver ! we'll se about the last one :) 

so hey now you know what i'll be doing the upcoming days so i can promise you that i wont me writing anything before monday. but you'll get pictures from all the graduation parties later, maybe on sunday if you're lucky. but now i'm going to watch cougartown and then get ready for work. 

hope you will have an awesome weekend and be careful out there ! blog you later.

2 years ago, i could graduate every summer ;D 

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i have no idea why my latest post is posted after an older post but if you want to read it (a list of great feelings) scroll down a bit. or maybe it's just on my computer they're in the wrong order. 

i'm totally lost.
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long time no see.. i have just had so much work and when i'm not working i have not been sitting at the computer so that's why. 

it's 3 o'clock in the middle of the night and i just got home from work (or 45 minutes ago). i should go to sleep but i just can't. i just found Neon Trees new CD on spotify so i have to check it out first. so now when i have time over when i'm listening through the album i can tell a little about my ''situation'' right now. höhö

the final countown in Stadshotellet has started and i now have 6 workdays left. Then the first week of June i'll probably change to my old work place Pirilö Golf. But before that there will be a lot of things happening ! this weekend eg. i'm going to Vasa to meet up with some of my classmates again, totally excited as always. And the weekend after that Madde and about 20 of my other friends are graduating so there will be a lot of graduation parties to go to and so on. Supernice ! 

but hey, i'll go to sleep now even though i'm not tired. What is up with being super tired the whole day at work but when i get to go home and sleep i'm not anymore. freaking fudge... well goodnight anyways ! 

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