7. How did you and Benny meet?
Well it all started with that i got to know his best friends Filip, Pontus and Kent and i think i was hanging out with them a couple of months before Benny joined the group. It was in december 2009. We were at Frej's place watching some movie or having a chill evening with the group and Benny came there. it didn't take many minutes until he was one of us crazy people. 3 years later i know why ;) the day in itself wasn't any different compared to every other evening we had but i remember it so well. that was the day i met the best person in my life :) even though i didn't know it then, i know it now.
so i'm sorry i didn't have any exciting love at first sight story for you gigga but i know that you already knew that ;) after this day it took a little over a year until we got together. during that year we spend a lot of time together, made a lot of memories and got to know each other as best friends. and here we are today, laughing and remembering the summer 2010 and the first ruka trip etc.
i wouldn't have had it any other way :)

i miss being silly with you, 3 weeks and 3 days to go :)

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Taking a few mandatory toilet-mirror-pictures with my girls. You guys make this trip a 3 month sixpack workout :D still waiting for the day we won't laugh our asses off.

Poor sleeping dude in the background at McD.
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It's thursday, school has ended for today and i'm in my room lying in my bed. That means weekend ! we are gonna spend the weekend here in rangsit and that feels so good ! I'm gonna be the laziest person ever today and watch movies, series, read and eat a lot of candy. just the way i like it :D
and tomorrow we are gonna go to Future Park, don't remember last time we were there. Future Park is this shopping center where you can go by van, takes like 15 minutes or something. It has 4 floors and a lot of different shops e.g. these kind of street shops with clothes and normal clothing stores, bookstores, makeup, shoes, bags. well you know what a shopping mall lookes like.. 
but yeah, talk to you later people, have a nice weekend. and btw. the countdown has begun: yesterday it was 1 month until i come home.

How my evening looks like

Me and Steve
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