The Script – Hall of Fame feat.

by this time probably everyone has heard this song but i think the lyrics are the greatest so i just had to share it with you. 
i have now 4 days of work behind me and 5 left before school starts. feels like i never went to greece, or atleast it feels like months ago. or it feels like yesterday. well, anyway.. i love my job but i really wanna go back to school now ! you guys may think i'm crazy but i miss school. to not have to have so much responsibility most of all. to just be. and my classmates ofcourse. 6 months ago all of us went to practical training so maybe it's not so crazy that i miss school after 6 months of work. whatever, i want next thursday to be here already. 
after work today i went with gigga to kokkola and as usually i had a lot of fun and a lot to eat ehm.. now i'm tired but i'm still gonna watch one episode of supernatural before i go to sleep and tomorrow another day of work is waiting for me. 10 hour shift. just great. but i would do anything for anette and her family. 
see you guys. 
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here comes some photos that i took in Greece last week. miss it so much. AND YEAH I KNOW, MADDE IS IN ALL THE PICTURES ;D 

stavros our dear friend 

we bought home something to drink the first day ehe..

we went on a boat trip one day to see the goat kri-kri and swim and stuff. super nice day. 

kri-kri <3
my two best friends Madde and Tom Collins :')

last meal, totally awesome

and even more awesome; our hotel room in helsinki where we spend one night before going home. the beds were the best ever. and the breakfast, nomnom. 

so that was our trip. ofcourse there was also a lot of swimming, eating, shopping, playing mini golf and laughing also. i had a crazy week and i laughed every minute i was awake (but yeah, we slept a lot) already planning the next trip with my dear madde. love you hun ! 
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Eminem – Lose Yourself - Soundtrack Version (Explicit)

hey guys ! i have work in 1½ hour and i have to unpack and stuff before that so i won't write anything about my awesome trip now. but tonight. there will be a lot of pictures so check it out later. 

but now i have to get going. can't say i'm glad to be home (even though it is super nice to see everyone again) and i miss my crazy madde who's moved to vasa already. 1 week and then i'll be there too, can't wait to go back to school, really ! 

talk to you later ! 

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