Mumford & Sons – Lover Of The Light

this was my day off from school but i've still been in school 8 hours. i feel like an awesome student ! went to school at 10 and made 3 assignments. met up with some classmates and wrote a project plan. and then there was this exchange abroad-meeting that we went to. got to know a little bit more about that, finally. tell you more about it when i know things for sure.

got home 6. and now i've been on a nice walk with my best friend (hahha gigga, love you too). and i still have time to watch two Supernatural episodes. lovely.

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The Script – Glowing

My favourite song right now, so beautiful. 

back in vasa again after another nice weekend. nothing special has happened, i've just spend all my time with benny. and it was perfect. we saw The Grey, quite nice movie, scary though. sunday morning i spend with bennys nieces, super cute girls. i'm just so happy and in love. 

but now i'm also tired, so good night. talk to you later :) 

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finally weekend! it feels like i've been living in the car this week. 

on wednesday when i got back to vasa i had just enough time to change clothes before we went out. we were supposed to go to Olli's but the line was so long so we went to fontana instead. spend the whole evening there with madde, sandra and other fun people. after fontana i went for a couple of hours to Johansson's before i went home. long day but i guess you can deal with one day like this. 

thursday was truly a day to remember. we had some event-thingy at rewell center and we sang and gave flyers to people about Meteoria. embarrasing to say the least. the singing went bad but i still had fun with my classmates so whatever. after that i spend the evening with madde and gigga, ate good food etc etc. had to go with gigga to fontana also to get my bank card that i lost on wasa by night.. and then we went to sleep like 11 o'clock hehe. 

friday, 1 hour of school and then tampere with my girls ! we went to ideapark and to ikea and got to spend some money once again. but i really needed everything ;) drove home and went to sleep. 

and now it's saturday. i have free from work the whole weekend so i'm just gonna chill and spend some time with benny :) love it ! have a nice weekend everyone ! 

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