I've decided to have some sort of advent calendar this year. 2009 i had a similar kind of calendar with funny pictures and clips, but this year my advent calendar will be about movies. 

starting tomorrow, i'll give you 24 movies and series everyone should watch atleast once in their life, according to me, not any ratings or stuff. 

i hope that you comment and tell me what you think about the movies i'm gonna recommend and tell me if you've seen them, like them or hate them, which movie should be here that i don't have etc. etc. it's super hard to get people to leave comments but i just want you to know that you are welcome to share your oppinion whenever. 

So tomorrow it starts and all the post can be found in the cathegory Advent Calendar 2012.

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Vino Alan, X Factor US. at least he was.. HOW the **** can he be out already. in 8th place. Ok if the competition would be really tough but NO! i get so frustrated.. hope to hear some original songs from Vino soon ! 

Seriously, of my favourites,,in the beginning of this season, there are 2 acts left :O i don't know how America votes.  

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K'NAAN – Hurt Me Tomorrow

hey you guys,

after two days of school i'm in jakobstad again. my weekend started with another dentist appointment, the third in less than a week. my mom is just crazy, if i (or my brothers for that matter) have some problem she sends me to the doctor directly. but i guess it's good, and i don't have to pay so i can't complain. the rest of the day i've just watched series, done some school assignments and watched more series. 

tomorrow i'll sleep as long as i want, can't remember when i last did that. good night.

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