jakobsdagar is here ! i am working basically the whole week but today i have had the chance to enjoy the highlight of the summer too. in the afternoon i went to the city with gigga and julius for a while to pass the time. in the evening i went to After Eight to see Petter. wow seriously ! so great concert and got to see it with my greatest friends. lovely evening ! tomorrow i have work again but i guess i will spend the evening in the city with my girls!
Petter finished his concert with this awesome song from his newest album, love it !  Petter – Alla vet
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I didn't spend so much money in Stockholm since i didn't have so much but got a pair of shoes, a sweather, a couple of tops and some accessories with me home. apart from that i of course spend some money at the local book stores.
First i desided not to buy anything spontaneous so i just bought The Alchemist that i've been meaning to buy for a long time. Then i found Dan Brown's Inferno super cheap at Coop and at the airport i found Ellen Degeneres newest book, which sounded so funny that i had to buy it. so that didn't work out so well for me. next week i will be getting 3 books from Adlibris that i ordered with mum and dad a week ago. gosh, i have a serious problem.
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i know i know, i said i was gonna blog last week but that just didn't happen. too much stuff to do. or something, i don't know. but anyhow, here i am.
i had 3 days off from work and spend the whole weekend in stockholm with benny. with the limited amount of time and money that we had, i think we got ourselves a pretty nice weekend. we've been shopping, walking around the city and yesterday we went to the zoo Skansen. We also had time to relax, eat good food and enjoy the free time with each other. i always have so much fun with my crazy boyfriend :D
here are some pictures, didn't take so many but anyway..

when we booked our hotel we took a so called secret hotel which means that we didn't know what hotel we got before we payed it. it turned out nice, the hotel had a good location and a nice breakfast !


at Skansen



Evening Piggelin in the city

Beautiful view over Stockholm

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