Taio Cruz – Troublemaker

since it's saturday i'll give you some party music today. you have probably heard it already but if you haven't then you have something to look forward to (y)

i had the best work day ever yesterday! the time went by quickly and there were a lot of people there so it was nice. but at the end of the night i was so tired and everything didn't go as i wanted. but i got to go home at last to my bed. and the good thing about bad days is that the next day is always better ! so today is that day :D 

the day will be spent with benny, that's all i know for now, let's see what happens :) hope you'll have a great day everybody! cya

an old summer picture for you !
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haha wow guys ! as you can see here i usually have around 10-15 people reading my blog /day but today just because i send a link to Frej on facebook there is suddenly 97 people who found their way here. i know it will go back to 15 again tomorrow but thanks for this ''one day of fame'' guys ;D

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i found some pictures on the computer from 2 years ago and i can't stop smiling. i have had the most awesome summers the past years and i'm so lucky to have these great people in my life. here you go, some pictures that show some of the beautiful times i've had with my friends :)

4 of my favourite people, Made, Pontus, Benny and Kent. 

Filip and Benny, hope you don't kill me for putting out naked-photos of you :') this was a really nice evening !

Made and Benny at our cute fire :') i'm so sorry benny i know you don't like this picture but i love it ! We were at the beach Fäboda on Bennys 18th birthday celebrating under shooting stars. one of the most beautiful nights in my life. 

i have never seen this picture before ! and i love it :'D obviously me and robin were supposed to take a picture but tadaa, there comes frej and makes this picture awesome !
i remember these days/nights so clearly (but i'm usually the only one) and i'm so happy that i have pictures from eatch of the times because sometimes i need reminders. NOW I NEED SUMMER ! i need to make more awesome memories :)
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