taking a pictures with the girls.. and yeah, the boys..

me and anneli were thinking about bringing home a souvernir

Antonia and Iina in china town for lunch
Anneli and i in china town


me and emmi eating scorpions

chilling at the pool in Khao San Palace

the guys bought a couple of balloons
had a great weekend in Khao San with the group but now i've seen enough of that place for a lifetime. thanks for a nice couple of days !

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In the morning we went to bangkok on a ''spa trip''. It's only the tourism students who study spa but the business students came on the trip too. we got to see how a spa works and we got to try thai massage, foot massage and hydrotherapy. it was so nice and in the end 6 of us took some additional massage. i went with Emmi to thai massage for an hour. it hurt so much when she massaged the legs but the back and neck massage was great. the clothes that we had to wear were so funny, the pants were huge ! you could easily fit 3 people in them.
when we came back to rangsit we had cooking class. we made Chicken with cashew nuts and Massaman Gai (chicken curry in mild peanut sauce) with rice and potatoes. super good!
now me, antonia and iina have booked a hotel room for the first 3 nights of Songkran week. We are gonna start our trip in Phuket then continue to maybe Phi Phi islands, Krabi or something like that. It's gonna be a great week !
and i'm ending this day with something i've been waiting for forever; movienight ! the movie doesn'y matter but i get to be alone and just chill, i've missed that !
so, tomorrow i'll go on a school trip to China town, Bangkok and we'll stay there for the whole weekend. talk to you on sunday :)

My friend Steve here cooking with the teacher.

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group picture at some temple (might have been in Laos). normi päivä

 Me and Anneli high up in some tower thingy in Laos (?) at least it was during the laos trip.

Sandra, me, Marika and Iina in the historical park, also during the Laos trip.

I couldn't participate in thai boxing on monday because of my knee and antonia was sick so we were watching and laughing in stead. SWIM SWIM !

Elbow, have fun sure, have fun.

the food we made today at cooking class. 2 different chicken dishes. Sooo good ! and OBS with potatoes !

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