Augustana has been, is and will always be my one of my favourite bands in this world ! today i felt like listening to their song, it's been a while. and they're still as good as before.

after school i've just been packing (did that the whole day yesterday too) so now i have 4 boxes full with stuff. still need 3 more but i only had those 4 so i have to get new ones later. and as you can see in the picture all my photos are gone now. i feel like an alien in my own room when i don't have my pictures around me. my photos filled up a whole shoe box..

now i'm gonna watch some dexter and later Les Miserables, finally ! bye guys.

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To the left is the picture we had to copy without any instructions and to the right is my final version. It really bothers me that we couldn't find the right fonts.... but still it was fun to do without instructions and really see what i've learned.
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Brother Dege (AKA Dege Legg) – Too Old To Die Young
another great song from the movie Django, more up tempo this time!
i'm drowning in school assignments and deadlines now. seriously in these last 4 weeks we have to finish:
- Scenario for year 2030, 10-15 page report + presentation
- Hotair balloon project plan, 10 page report + presentation
- Tourism in Central America assignment, 10 page report + presentation
- Report about discrimination in tourism businesses, 10 page report + thesis procedure (you have an opponent)
- acting as mystery shoppers + report + presentation about our results
- 5-10 pages written theory part of the final thesis
- photoshop/vector test

of course we've had weeks already to do all of these things but as always i postpone everything to the last minut. i guess it's my own fault. but still, it sucks..........

next week, four 10 page report deadlines in 4 days. nice
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