Eminem – No Apologies

Heard this awesome song on the radio today and i'm once again so amazed ! eminem did it again. or well, he did this one in 2006. but still, how many awesome songs does he have that i haven't heard ? exciting. 

i have so much great music right now and it's all kinds of music. everything from 80 rock to eminem to the newest acoustic music. but more about that some other time. 

and hey btw.. 23 days until the big day! more about that later too.. but now, a few pictures from the past month. 

Gigga, having fun in the car with me and madde as always ;) 

My love ! Ohana means family, family meand nobody gets left behind or forgotten. 

haha my beautiful crazy friends :')

Me and Sara one day at work :) 

Moment of weakness. Long story..

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saw the new batman movie yesterday with benny. oh. holy. crap. awesome movie ! i absolutely love the previous movie, but this was also very very good ! you should see it if you haven't already !

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i'm sitting in the office at work. reading the newspapers. a bomb in oslo. 8 people died. horrible ofcourse but it's not really one of those things that draws attention, horrible to say but these things happen way to often. so i don't think about it. 

a customer comes to the café, tears in her eyes. she owns a store right were the bomb went off. she's trying to get in toutch with her co-workers in oslo. they're all ok. but the store's pretty messed up. broken windows and stuff. then it hits me that even though these things happen often it's horrible every time. for someone that day is the worst day in their life. 8 people died, but so many people's lives are so much worse because of that day. 98 wounded may i add. and as we all know by now, it will only get worse. 

i remember reading about the shooting later that day and showing it to all the customers, specially to the woman with the shop. we we're all in chock but i think that nobody really understood how sick it really was. well ofcourse not, we we're not there so we couldn't possibly know but at that time we didn't even know anything about the shooter who isn't worth to be called by his name. 69 people, mostly kids and teenagers died on that island. and hundreds of people saw their best friends, sisters, brothers or just somebody get shot and die right in front of them. and one of the worst parts. he was dressed as a cop. we are supposed to trust the police. and he made all the people think that they could trust him, just to come close and then kill them. and he laughs, he enjoys it and has no regret at all.

77 people died. got shot or drowned while trying to escape. as many wounded people who lost their legs, arms etc. and never will be the same again. hundreds of people lost their family, friends, classmates, boyfriend, girlfrend, relatives. and the rest of the world, including me, thank God that we weren't there and pray that it'll never happen again.

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